(Adapted, with permission, from Peter Adams is an excellent photographer and a visit to his site is well worth your time.)

First off, thank you for your interest in using one of my images.

I offer different types of licenses depending on your intended use(s). The page explains those distinctions -- but if you need clarification, please email me before running an image.

Noncommercial Usage

You may use my images for noncommercial purposes under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) license. This license allows you to use my images in a noncommercial way, provided you meet two conditions:

  • You include attribution to David Robert Newman along with the image; and

  • You include a link back to the original image page on this website.

Here are some examples of noncommercial usage I'm OK with:

  • Use of an image in your personal blog describing that epic bike ride last weekend

  • Use of an image in your school project

  • Use of an image in your personal social media profile (but this is for you, not your organization, even if it's a nonprofit)

Commercial Usage

Any commercial usage of my images requires you to purchase a commercial license before you use the image. License fees vary based on factors such as the length, media, size/prominence, and territory of usage.

To obtain a commercial license, please contact me with details about your intended use of the image.

Here are some examples that would require a commercial license:

  • Use in an article/editorial supported by advertising of any kind

  • Use in a blog, collateral, or marketing campaign for an organization, commercial or nonprofit

  • Use in a fundraising campaign for a nonprofit organization

  • Use as a background image for a website/blog relating to your business

  • Use of an individual print in your private home or business

  • Use of a food picture for your restaurant

  • Use on the album cover for your band

If you have questions about whether your intended usage is commercial, please get in touch before you use the image. Thanks again.